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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


TIDINGS OF GREAT JOY by Sandra Brown is the story of architect Ria Lavender and Mayor-Elect Taylor Mackensie, two people that meet and fall into lust over shrimps at a Christmas Eve buffet table. Their night of passion results in an unexpected pregnancy. For Ria there is no question that she will not bear an illegitimate child. Being illegitimate herself, it's a foregone conclusion for her that Taylor will have to step up and join in the responsibility of bringing a child into the world.

When confronted by Ria, the Mayor-Elect initially attempts to play the "whose the father" game, but deep down he knows that his passionate one night affair has produced a baby. Both agree that the thing to do is marry for the baby's sake and part after the birth. The thing is, once these two set up house together they discover the passion has not died and there is a possibility to build on something more. But, there are doubts and obstacles that blur the process. Taylor has the reputation of being the sophisticated,handsome, political play-boy, and there is a woman he's stepped away from that is not pleased at being shoved aside. He has to convince Ria that he's worth staying with and can provided all that she requires in a relationship. Meanwhile, Ria is battling career concerns and doubts over every providing her child with a loving two-parent home.

TIDINGS OF GREAT JOY is filled with the type of story-line traditional romance readers love. It has plenty of very heated sex, emotional angst and two secondary characters that are schemingly annoying. Initially published by Loveswept in 1987, it has since been reprinted in hardcover and has become my holiday favorite.

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