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Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Favorite Holiday Book

All She Wants For Christmas
Jaci Burton
Carina Press
ISBN: 9781426890871 (Single) and 9781426890826 (Collection)
December 2010

This book was released as a part of a Holiday Collection from Carina Press "Naughty and Nice" which featured 3 other authors in the Nice section. This was the first time I had read a holiday themed romance and while reading the collection this automatically became my favorite and one I would read every holiday.

The story is about Riley Jensen, a country music singer, who is forced to go back to her hometown to film a biography. Riley left her hometown in Missouri when she caught the love of her life Ethan Kent and her best friend Amanda in bed together. Ethan made a huge mistake which cost him Riley and after ten years he has never stopped loving her. Ethan has had to hear the hurt filled songs from Riley with everyone in their small hometown knowing who she was singing about and to make matters worse his daughter is her biggest fan. When these two see each other again the chemistry that brought them together in the first place is back in full force. Ethan thought that if she had stayed in their small town she would have never became a huge star, which is why he stopped looking for. Will Riley get past the anger and hurt and let Ethan into her heart or will Ethan still be afraid that he doesn't have anything to offer Riley that is just as good as what she has in Nashville?

I read this book in just a few hours, I couldn't put it down. The book was so popular that Jaci made it into a series with the second book of the series having been released this holiday titled "A Rare Gift" which I also read in just a few hours. If you want a great story to sit by the fire or just sit in bed and read I would definitely recommend this book. I cannot wait for the next book in the series. Have a great holiday!

Reviewed by: Tasha
Rating: 4 1/2

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