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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Four Midwestern Sisters' Christmas Book

My favorite holiday book takes me back to my childhood. I was raised on a farm in Iowa, so is it a surprise that my favorite holiday book is the “Four Midwestern Sisters’ Christmas Book?” The authors of this book are 4 sisters who also spent some of their childhood years at “the farm” which consisted of an old house on acres of wooded land far outside the city limits of Columbus, Ohio.

The book starts off with a chapter entitled “Remembering Snow,” and it is my favorite. Growing up, sledding parties were a favorite activity for 4-H clubs, church youth groups and, also for young children living on a farm. The authors loved this particular time of their childhood because they spent it building snow forts, making snow angels and sliding down “suicide hill,” “Suicide hills,” had to be a widespread phenomenon among children living in the country, because I had one and I am positive my sled would have be taken away had my parents known about it and my intense fascination for it.

Holiday traditions are the theme of this novel. Mouth-watering recipes, homemade holiday decorations and gift ideas will evoke nostalgic Christmas memories. The authors nail the importance of holiday baking by stating, “: Christmas cookies are food for the heart, the memory, and the spirit. Let there be no conversation about thighs and cholesterol!” Love this!

This book was published by Viking and released in 1991. I got my copy from Amazon.com and I will read it every year!

Charlene McConnell

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