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Monday, December 05, 2011


One of my favorite holiday novels is, "THE CHRISTMAS PRESENT", by Tracy Wolff. Vivian Wentworth is a divorce attorney working at the local women's shelter, helping the residents escape abusive marriages. The law firm she works for needed to take on more pro bono case, so Vivian is assigned a murder case. Vivian is not sure why she was handed this case, she is not a defense attorney and she knows almost nothing about criminal law, except what she learned in school. Vivian planned on meeting with the client, Diego Sanchez, but she is running a little late, and the meeting is not in the best part of town.

Rafael Cardoza hearing Vivian scream, saves her from a gang of teens. He doesn't believe that she is the right attorney to defend Diego, he believes Diego is innocent of killing his pregnant girlfriend. He can't help admire Vivian's determination to do right by Diego. Frustration mounts as someone is trying to stop their investigation. The attraction between Rafael and Vivian grows, but he knows Vivian is not for him, she comes from a wealthy background. There is no way Rafael will get involve with someone from a rich family again. Maybe he can just play awhile, but Vivan is not willing to let him get away. Can Rafael forget his past, and learn to trust again?

In THE CHRISTMAS PRESENT, Ms. Wolff combines a legal thriller with romance. Can two people from opposite sides of town learn to love, and have faith in each other? I enjoyed the dynamics between the two main characters, while Vivian comes from a wealthy family, she is left pretty much on her own. The only thing her parents are interested in is their social standing. Rafael comes from a large family where everyone knows everyone's business, and family celebrations are a way to have family time. The novel deals with death and grief, and what I liked best is that it is not a traditional Christmas story.

ISBN # 00373716079
December 2009
Category Romance

Reviewed by Gloria

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