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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hi Karen Ranney

Welcome Karen! What an interesting Blog and my response is, I don't know if "hearing the words" in my head is a term that applies to me, but rather having the stories reappear in my head at any time is more like it. I've been an avid reader for forty plus years and I can remember tons and tons of books. The thing is the hilarious stories always pop in more than others and it usually happens when I'm on some form of public transportation. Riders use to look at me like I was nuts if I laughed out loud or giggled over some exchange between the main characters. I've take care of this though with the help of my IPOD. I have the earphones on almost always now and if a hysterical scene pops in my head I laugh and giggle till my hearts content because riders now assume I'm listening to something funny on the IPOD or watching a tv program I downloaded. It also works if an emotionally challenging story pops into my head. I don't have to explain the sad look or the watery eyes. People just assume I'm listening to a sad song.


WK said...

Trying the comments section.

glogehres said...

I find that all too familar. If i'm at work or at home. Friends and family just shake their head. I don't care. If the scene is good, it's good. I let it show.