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Sunday, September 07, 2008

August Reading?

Okay let's see what you all are reading......what book is waiting on your bedside table? What book are you dying to buy in August? What book is one you hadn't planned to buy/read but you heard so much about it, or read a blog or whatever and decided to try it and loved it?

Also the TRRC site has been updated. Some great reviews are up.

Some great books there to choose from.

OKay let me see what book are you trying to read, but I keep interupting?



Anonymous said...

It says August reading, but surely you mean September reading?

I'm currently reading Risque Business by Tawny Weber. It's from the Harlequin Blaze line, but I have no idea the number.

I have several calling my name least amongst them is Broken Pieces by Carla Cassidy, and Cold Hearted by Beverly Barton. In my opinion both these women write some terrific romantic suspense. Barton is sometimes gory, and I've yet to feel that from Cassidy, but instead feel her books are more a cat and mouse sort of read...you almost know who did it, but are you right, and what was the motivation. Regardless both authors write books I have a hard time setting aside.

I'm sure someone somewhere is going to mention a book, and that title will end up on my I wish I could read that now list!

Sandi said...

This Anonymous comment is actually me. Sorry that it went as Anonymous!


Dani said...

I just finished reading Edge of Desire by Stephanie Laurens...love it plus we learn a little more about Danziel. I also read several Cat Johnson's ebooks...all related to her Task Force Zeta series. Next up -- Game for Seduction by Bella Andre.

Joy said...

I am reading Catherine Coulters
Tail Spin and listening to Lisa
See's - Snowflower and the Secret Fan.

WK said...

Some good books listed. And Yes I did mean September. It's been one of those months!!!

hugs to you all,
I've been reading cats by the way.