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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Reading and outside noise?

I'm curious of everyone. Are you a reader who must have complete silence to read and enjoy or do you prefer background noise? Doesn't matter if it's the radio or TV or the kids or whatever. Personally I can read anytime, anywhere. Doesn't matter if it's with noise or if it's quiet(although quiet with all these animals, 2 kids and a hubby is hard to come by anyway). I tend to get caught up in the book and can block out all other distractions with ease. I do it with TV or anything I'm giving my full attention to. I've heard people comment that they need to have complete and total silence in order to read. All I can think is where in the heck is there complete and total silence? Even living as far in the country as I do there is noise. The crickets, the whiperwils, the owls, the frogs, all that at night. During day you have birds of all kinds, dogs, cats, animals I don't care to name, the kids, cars, and any number of other noises going on. Especially if I am washing clothes, then the washing machine is making noise, so where do you find complete silence? I don't think I could read if it was all quiet. As it is if my kids get too quiet I know they are up to something or trying to hint something they've done, so noise is good.
But how do you all read? Do you only read at night before bed? Can you read anywhere or must you be in your favorite spot? Do you have a reading spot? Do you have noise or do you try to make it as quiet as possible? I wanna know where you read, how you read(by computer or pb), when you read, and how many distractions are around you when you read? I wanna know it all.

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