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Friday, April 21, 2006

author signing, Sherrilyn Kenyon

Sherrilyn Kenyon, Book signing
April 19, 2006
Charlotte, NC
I had the great pleasure of going to see Sherrilyn Kenyon in Charlotte, NC on Wednesday. It's the second time I've gotten to meet Sherri in person and she is always great. She's never given off the impression she's rushed or can't take the time with you and she's always smiling and joking. The signing was still going on after the store was supposed to close at 9pm. The line to see her was LONG but everyone was patient and having a great time. I got to meet up with some friends I've made online and it was great to see them in person as well. I wish I could attend more to these author signings but rarely do they occur close enough to me without me having to stay at hotels. I'm wondering how many fans also enjoy meeting their favorite authors in person and how they feel about those meetings. Are they shocked? Did the authors live up to what they expected or where they somehow let down? I have to say I love meeting with Sherri. The first time I meet her was in 2005 at a Luncheon in Ala. Or rather the first time I meet and talked with her. I did attend RWA's signing in NYC but honestly can't remember half the authors I meet that night. It was so busy and crowded and so many authors you had to hurry to do everything and while it was a blast I have enjoyed the smaller signings so much more. I have attended one other author's signing here in NC that was for Inspirational author, Don Brown. He's a great author and it was great meeting him as well. The smaller signings seem to allow for more one on one time. I look forward to doing more and hope to make many more author signings. Sherri told jokes, took pictures with everyone, was easy going and in general an outstanding person to meet. If I didn't already adore her work, I'd certainly adore her as a person. I'd suggest to anyone if they could attend an author signing to do it. It's great fun and meeting fellow readers is an added bonus.

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