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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

books that make you think

I just recently finished Vicki Hinze's HER PERFECT LIFE. It's an April Signature Select release and is about a woman, Katie Slater, who was a pilot in the war over Iraq. During a routine mission, her plane is shot down. Her co-pilot C.D. Quade is rescued, but she is believed to have died and left there. She's actually held prisoner for 6yrs before they know she's alive and get her out. Now her life is different than it was when she left. Her husband has remarried, her kids barely remember her and call this other woman mom, her co-pilot is feeling guilty for leaving her behind and she has no idea where her life is to go. She's got to deal with what happened as a POW and at the same time deal with a life that for her never changed. She held on to the image of family and her as it was. Added to this her mom who is no longer the way she remembers her. Nothing in her life is the same, not even herself. The book says: Does Katie have the strength to grow a new life--on her own terms?.

Now this book was good, but sad and at times I wanted to hit someone over the head. I wanted to shake the US government and at times her hubby. He was a jerk and everyone kept making excuses for him. I still don't get that part. He was a self-centered a$$, end of story. Now I'm wondering if anyone else has read this and what they think about it. Did it you make you think? It certainly gave me a lot to think about and makes me wonder how the woman on the front lines would take this same event in their lives? Could they handle it? If everyone read this book, would they view 'Nam POWs and other war POWs differently than they do? I have to say if you want a book that will have you thinking long after you turn the last page this is it. It's a good book. But it's not something for the ones who can't take truth with their fiction. While nothing is ever given in the great detail I at times want, enough was told to give a clear picture of what Katie endured and how it forever will change her life.


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