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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I have discovered Anita Blake, again!

I was recently gifted with the first nine Anita Blake books by Laurell K. Hamilton. I say gifted, they were truly loaned to me. I read the first one, Guilty Pleasures, in 24 hours - big thing for me as I am doing so many other things during that time. I put off way too much to read this, but I was absorbed! See, when I read one of these out of order, I was lost and did not enjoy it, at all! I was ready to write them off completely. A good friend of mine convinced me to try again and I am so grateful! If you have not tried these, but like dark vampire stories, I highly recommend them. I am majorly crushing on Jean-Claude! This is the UK cover, but I think it fits better than anything else.


WendyK said...

LOL I like LKH, I haven't had the time to read GP yet,but I've read ss by her. And enjoyed her work. I do know I have to want dark to read her or Feehan. Have you read L.A. Banks yet?


Thia said...

No, but I ahve heard good things. Another darker paranormal for you is Cathy Adams and CT Clamp! WOW! Their new Kate Reilly series is going to be so good! I read the first one and was very impressed! Speaking of loving something dark - when do I get my next Dark-Hunter?? I am jonesing over here!!!