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Friday, July 03, 2015


Bad Boys Undercover (Book 3)
Helenkay Dimon
ISBN:   978-0-06-233007-9
June 2015
Romantic Suspense

This is the latest book in the series about the black ops force known as the Alliance and readers met the current hero, Weston Brown, in previous books.   A complicated man with immense physical strength and stamina, he has experienced a complicated background growing up in an armed camp of individuals fighting the US government (think Ruby Ridge).   Previously a marine who survived a deadly avalanche in Pakistan he is dismayed to be going back to this country.   His mission:   to rescue a physician who has identified what looks like suspicious arms transport.

When he and his team arrive they find that the physician is actually out of the area working with mountain climbers and they are left with his daughter, who provides medical aid to locals.   She is the one who called in the suspicious activity on her father’s coded communication lines.

Lexi has her own demons to contend with including some mental health issues and dropping out of medical school.   When she and West get separated from the rest of the team this book spirals into one complex scene after another involving very bad characters.

Interspersed with the scenes in Pakistan are scenes involving the rest of the Alliance staff members, who are dealing with their own traitors and bad guys as they attempt to rescue West and Lexi.   This is book filled with rocketing action, impossibly exciting escape scenes and over it all, the growing attraction between these two characters.

The passionate encounters were cleverly interwoven into this whole story.   My only complaint was that it took the first 100 pages for me to get a sense of the story and what was happening.   Other than that, if readers can keep reading, this is a very good book.

Reviewed by Jeri Neal
Rating:   3

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