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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A New Novel in the Haven Point series

Haven Point
RaeAnne Thayne
ISBN:   978-0373785063
July 2015
Contemporary Romance

This second in the Haven Point romances is sure to delight readers.   McKenzie Shaw didn’t come to live in the town until she was about 10 years old.   The result of her father’s one night stand with a Latina woman, she came to his family when her mother died.   While both her father and stepmother have passed away she remains very close to her half sister, Devin, the local family physician.   Even though she is young in years, Kenzie is completely devoted to her small town and to her role as the mayor.

Kenzie is shocked when her high school crush, Ben Kilpatrick, returns to town to scope out a new setting for one of his business expansions.   His family has sold the boat building business that had kept Haven Point an economically viable community for years.   Kenzie and many other people in town have never forgiven Ben or his family.   Now a billionaire, Ben also finds himself living temporarily next to McKenzie and her beautiful poodle.

This delightful book is trademark Thayne, who is so skilled at taking everyday activities and weaving them into a story that gives us a window into life in a small town.   I only wish there had been a little more emphasis on the romance between Ben and McKenzie.   That said, this is a terrific book and I can’t wait until the next book, EVERGREEN SPRINGS, giving us Devin’s story.   A lovely end of the summer read!

Reviewed by Jeri Neal
Rating:   4

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