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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Robyn Carr's Newest in the Thunder Point Series

Thunder Point Series
Robyn Carr
ISBN:   978-0778317364
July 2015
Contemporary Romance

In this eighth book in the Thunder Point series Robyn Carr continues the story of Ginger, the niece of realtor Ray Anne, begun in the previous book (ONE WISH, March 2015).   Ginger has lost a young child and is in deep grief over this tragic event.   Her aunt is terribly worried about her but things begin to brighten when Ginger agrees to work in a local flower shop.   She finds she enjoys arranging flowers in the quiet workroom.   Her first big assignment is helping with the Lacoumette wedding between Peyton and Scott (THE PROMISE,  July 2014), a large Basque wedding filled with ethnicity and fun.

While at the wedding Ginger is propositioned and groped by one of Peyton’s drunk brothers, Matt; she's offended and appalled.   Matt, when he sobers up, is equally disgusted with his behavior and makes a trip to Thunder Point to apologize.   When he ends up asking Ginger to dinner he isn’t really sure what motivated this.   Yet readers of this author will recognize the connection between these two kindred spirits who have suffered significant losses.   Robyn Carr always manages to bring people together within a common denominator.  She sensitively handles two difficult topics, divorce and death of a child, with sensitivity and care.

This novel is quintessential Robyn Carr.   Filled with believable characters who have depth and passion and best of all, are so human and flawed, the story is well plotted and takes us to a satisfying conclusion.   In previous reviews of her other books I’ve suggested that these Thunder Point books could be standalone.   I think this novel will have more meaning if you read at least the book before this one.   Best of all, try and read them all, in order.   You won’t be disappointed!

Reviewed by Jeri Neal
Rated:  4
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