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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New baseball series start by Jennifer Bernard

Love Between the Bases Series - Book One
Jennifer Bernard
ISBN# 978-0-06-237216-1
June 2015
Contemporary Romance

Minor League starting pitcher for the Kilby Catfish, Caleb Hart, has just come off of a horrific start when he literally runs smack into Sadie Merritt. Sadie has come to deliver a petition to remove the Catfish from town. From this moment, these two have sparks between them and it takes some coercing by the team's manager to get Caleb to run some PR with Sadie and get the Catfish back into the good graces of the Mayor. After devising a plan of action, they work together in changing the image of the team.

Things get a little more complicated when these two start having to deal with their attraction to each other. Yet Sadie has a big problem of her past coming back to haunt her in the form of a despicable ex-boyfriend that is from an influential family of the town. A small town has no secrets and Caleb is about to learn Sadie's. Sadie knows that it's just a matter of time before Caleb heads off to the big leagues, and what's left behind is something she will have to deal with, including her own heart.

First off, I'm a huge baseball fan. I grew up watching it with my family, watching my son play, sitting through minor league and major league games as any die hard fan loves to do. So when a romance novel comes along that involves a baseball player, it's a win win for me! As much as I found the book charming with it's quirky look at minor league life, I didn't quite feel connected to the characters or their romance as I wanted to. Sadie's previous relationship has kept her lying low, her tail between her legs so to speak. So when Caleb comes along, he helps give her confidence a boost that is needed for her to overcome it. Caleb, a pitcher, is cute, charming and devoted to everything he does, including Sadie. I wanted to enjoy this more than I did, but it was still an alright read.

Reviewed by Jennifer Jones
Rating: 3

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