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Monday, July 23, 2012

Lisa Verge Higgins
Five Spot
ISBN:  978-1-4555-0030-7
Women's Fiction
June 2012

Dhara, Marta, Wendy and Kelly have been close friends since college. Together they created the "Six Rules of Dating." They firmly believe these rules have prevented undue heartbreak when dealing with the opposite sex.

Now in their thirties, the four friends find themselves breaking "the rules." Dhara has agreed to an arranged marriage by her parents. Kelly is repeating a past mistake. Wendy is going to marry "Mr. Perfect," but she may become the "runaway bride." Marta is sadly discovering her boyfriend isn't what he claims to be.

This is a wonderful novel about friends, love and support. A great summer read!

Reviewed by Charlene McConnell

Rating: 4

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