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Monday, July 30, 2012

A Warriors of the Mist Novel
Alexis Morgan
Signet Eclipse
ISBN 978-0-451-23744-6
Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

Calling upon the gods to help her people, Merewen's prayers are answered and they allow her to summon the Damned, the Warriors of the Mist: centuries-old warriors sworn to the gods' service until they win their salvation and rest--to help her defeat the enemy--the usurper, her uncle Fagan and his henchmen. Her uncle does not have the Gift as she has, the ability to call and communicate with horses, and only those with this Gift can keep the horses happy and remaining at the Keep. The Five Warriors who sleep beneath the cold depths of the River, come to her aid with their supernatural fighting skills and with their individual avatars. Yet Gideon, the Captain of the Warriors, senses an evil more monstrous than Fagan--he senses a dark magic fueled by innocent suffering and death. Gideon has no doubt that the Five can defeat Fagan and return rule to the Lady Merewen...but what about the dark evil threatening the land of Agathia- and when the Damned's  mission is over, how will he ever be able to leave his beloved Merewen and return to the depths of the River? 

MY LADY MAGE is an exciting, magical and spirited beginning to a new fantasy romance series. The world-building is fascinating but not overwhelming, the five Damned and their animal avatars deeply interesting and compelling, and there is a sensual romance between Gideon and Merewen and a non-sensual romance developing between another Damned, Sir Murdoch, and Alina, Fagan's much-abused wife. Readers be warned that not everything is tied up at the end of MY LADY MAGE, but will continue with the next book in the series due out in March of '13. I found MY LADY MAGE to be a page-turning fantasy romance. 
Reviewed by Debora Hosey

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