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Monday, July 09, 2012

New Review: Vengeance Moon

A Novel of the Earth Witches, Book #2
Lee Roland
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-23643-2
June 2012
Urban Fantasy Romance

Cursed by vivid images of her parent’s murder, Madeline Corso is possessed by a need to kill the men responsible for her parent’s murder due to a curse given to her by her mother. She has already killed two of the men but was arrested and has been serving time with the Sisters of Justice; she has tried to escape to fulfill the last request of her mother.  One day the Sister’s call Madeline in with them and tell her that she can be released; however, first she must retrieve the item that was given to her mother by the Earth Mother that was stolen by the last killer. Upon retrieving it she must bring it back to the Sisters. This mission brings her to Duivel, Missouri, where she comes upon Michael, a man who is as cursed as she is. Will she be able to complete the mission and gain her freedom and a love she never thought possible? Or will Michael be her distraction and downfall?

Vengeance Moon is the second in the Earth Witches series and was a very good read.  I expected more magic just from the witch series stand point.  I definitely plan to read the first book to catch up on the series and hopefully prepare for the next book.

Reviewed by: Tasha Taylor
Rating: 3   

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