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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Book clubs?

Do any of you belong to book clubs? Not online ones mind you but local ones? What do you generally do at them? I will be attending my first in person local book club on Friday. I'm excited and nervous. I'm hoping it lasts and goes well, but nervous at the same time. I think I do better online often than in person. I get nervous sharing my thoughts sometimes. Plus I have issues with my teeth, I'll admit I need dental work done and I've put it off. So it adds to my issues. But still I want a chance to meet in person with others who love reading romance. I'll just have to see how things go.

So do you belong to a book club? Preferr the ones online?

Any hints or thoughts you could pass on to me?



~Christy Foster~ said...

There are no local book clubs in my area (that I know of) that go along with my same interests. I know there is one for Oprah books... but... I'm just not about it.

I enjoy talking about books online because I have no friends in my area that enjoy books the way I do and online I can reach so many more people, you know? However, if there were a club in the area, I'd be all about it! LOL

I say, go and enjoy yourself. If someone is reading and wanting to talk about it, chances are they are educated and have sense - meaning, they could care less about your dental issues and just really want to talk about books with likeminded individuals. Anyone worth talking to won't be worried about what you look like, honestly! :)


WK said...

Thanks Christy.
We did have fun. There were only 4 of us total. But we had a great time. We've picked our next 5 books to discuss and plan to met every 2 weeks. We also decided on a name for the group "HAPPILY EVER AFTER READERS THOUGHTS" or HEART.

It was really nice and so much fun.

WendyK*who is excited about Monday and getting to see Sherri again!!!!*