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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blog guest: Angela and her talk with Karen Rose

Today we have a blog Guest, fellow TRRC reviewer Angela. Below is her comments from her recent excitement. Please join me in welcoming Angela and for more information please check out our website at www.theromancereadersconnection.com

I was so excited to get a chance to speak with Karen Rose, who is one of my all-time favorite authors. I will admit it: my heart was pounding with excitement while I waited for everyone else to join in on the conference call, and I was feeling a lot of excitement and a lot of nerves. Karen Rose was so warm and personable. As silly as this sounds, I kind of idolize my favorite authors the way some people idolize movie stars, and there's always a risk that an idol won't be as wonderful as you imagine--but Ms. Rose was awesome. Talking to her was like talking to a long-time friend. She was open, friendly, and forthright; she made lots of jokes. Another fun part of phone conference was talking to other readers; the conversation was stimulating and the ladies asked a lot of smart questions. What a fast half hour it was! I would absolutely love the opportunity to chat with Karen Rose or another author sometime!


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