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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Coral Cove Series (Book 3)
Toni Blake
ISBN #978-0-06-239258-9
December 2015
Contemporary Romance

Jeremy Sheridan is home from the war in Afghanistan. However, suffering from PTSD is keeping him from living, so he decides to leave Destiny, Ohio and head to Coral Cove, Florida to start over. There, he tries to find a place for himself and makes a rather bad start of things. Wanting to give him a chance, Reece helps him with a place to live. Then, Jeremy risks his new found life over a cat.

Tamra Day is designing a new mini golf course for the town as they try to bring life and spark back to Coral Cove. When she spies a homeless man get into a fight and then carted off to jail, she knows her decision to swear off men was right even as she still longs for a relationship. Imagine her shock when the same homeless man shows up to build her golf course! Jeremy Sheridan is not what she had in mind, for that, or for a relationship. Slowly, she unravels the mystery of this new man in town. Sometimes things and people are not as they first appear.

I have been hooked on Toni Blake's books since SUGAR CREEK of her Destiny Series. Each book tends to add onto the other, and the Coral Cove Series is separate but still tied to the first series. Jeremy is Tessa's (WHISPER FALLS) brother. I found the trauma of Jeremy's war experience to be very believable without overwhelming the story. Tamra has kept everyone at arm's length for fear of getting hurt, but she decides to take a chance on someone at the risk of her heart. The attraction is pretty quick, even after Tamra believes him be a horrid person. Once they start peeling back the layers of each other, the sparks fly! I also loved the secondary characters, revisiting a few previous ones, and also the cat. Blake's books make you feel romantic and hopeful. Can't wait for the next one!

Reviewed by Jennifer Jones
Rating: 4

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