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Tuesday, January 12, 2016


A Blue Heron Novel
Kristan Higgins
ISBN:  978-0-373-78908-5
January 2016
Contemporary Romance

The latest in the Blue Heron series gives us Connor O’Rourke’s story.  A talented chef and the co-owner of a successful bar and grill with his sister Colleen, Connor has nurtured his love for Jessica Dunn for over ten years.  He has had many roadblocks in the relationship, most notably Jessica’s insistence that he really doesn’t love her and their relationship can go nowhere.  The book begins with Connor proposing to Jessica and her casual denial, dismissing his serious intent.  At least Jessica wants you to think it is casual.  Readers soon learn otherwise.

Jessica, who I completely adored, is a complicated young woman.  Raised in an affluent town by poor trailer trash severely alcoholic parents, she has been the parent to her younger brother for most of her life.  Handicapped and prone to rage, Davey is her complete responsibility.  Her mother has died and her father has disappeared, likely lost in his alcoholic misery.  Jessica works as a waitress and has managed to rent a small house for herself and Davey.  She expects to spend the rest of her life caring for him.

Connor has an unfortunate history with the Dunn family, having been mauled by the family pit bull when he rode his bike by their house.  Jessica’s father blamed Connor for the dog being removed by animal control and unfortunately Davey specifically blames Connor.  His attempts years later, to woo Davey through cooking and picking out a dog are hilarious and creative.

Swirling around in the book are all the past characters from favorite Blue Heron books including Connor and Colleen’s divorced parents, Colleen and Lucas, the whole family from the vineyard, the Manningsport Animal Shelter, and all the other colorful and zany characters we’ve known and loved.

This story made me laugh and cry and through it all, cheering heartily for the gutsy young woman who is trying so hard to pull herself up from her beginnings.  Connor just wants her to believe that he loves her.  This all makes for a wonderfully entertaining book filled with humor and proof of the power of love.  Thoroughly enjoyed this book!
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Reviewed by:  Jeri Neal
Rating:  4 1/2

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