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Tuesday, January 12, 2016


The Brides of Bliss County
Linda Lael Miller
ISBN:  978-0373779086
October 2015
Contemporary Romance

This latest book in the popular Brides of Bliss County series tells the story of Charlotte Morgan, living in New York City as a successful advertising staffer.  Born and raised in Mustang Creek, Wyoming she has worked hard to escape her small town roots.  When she finds herself without a job, the hustle and bustle of the big city and the impersonal part of her life are too much and she packs up and goes home.

Charlotte has been raised by her great-aunt Geneva who has moved to assisted living after experiencing memory problems.  Her ark of a house is ready for Charlotte and her aunt’s friend, Millicent Klozz, is staying there with Mutley and Can-Can, her aunt’s pets.  Mrs. Klozz is a wonderful cook and the descriptions of her baked goods and meals are a bonus of this book

There is one regret that Charlotte has about New York City and it involves a veterinarian, Jaxon Locke, whom she met online.  His life was not focused on the city and they break up when he wants to return out west.  What Charlotte does not know is that he has tracked her to Mustang Creek and has taken a job with a local vet.  When they meet at the local inn, in a snowstorm, Charlotte is immediately suspicious of the handsome and charming Dr. Locke and wonders why he is showing up in her small hometown.

This charming story gets more and more interesting with many interventions from Mrs. Klozz and Aunt Geneva.  Jaxon and Charlotte are thrown together constantly in and out of the house.  This charming Christmas story is a very satisfying read that catches us up to the “brides” of previous books.  No one tells a holiday story quite like Linda Lael Miller and this one will not disappoint.  I read this in one sitting!

Reviewed by Jeri Neal
Rating:  4

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