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Saturday, January 10, 2015

January 2015 Reading

Welcome to January 2015 at TRRC Reading.

With minus 22 wind chill temps here in the Midwest, there is little else to do but head to the TBR piles and read. I have been spending a lot of my reading time with mystery author Julie Hyzy's White House Chef Mystery series. Getting to know white house executive chef and part-time sleuth Olivia Paras is a lot of fun and there are enough books in the series to keep this Editor occupied indoors on these very cold days.

The TRRC Reviewers have been reading as well and because late December left little time for writing and posting reviews, readers will see quite a few December 2014 as well as January 2015 book reviews posted.

You'll notice that under our new Blogging format we don't have a specific posting date. We'll just post them as we read them. You will also notice you can provide your comments and questions immediately. Feel free to do so because we enjoy hearing from you.

Until next month,

Happy Reading,

1 comment:

jenngjones said...

I've been reading mostly contemporaries, with some upcoming reviews that will be posting soon! It's going to be a cold winter for sure, nice for some heavy reading from the TBR pile.