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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Exciting history comes alive in this Viking romance

Viking Medieval Romance Sage Book One
Anna Markland
Amazon Book Services (eBook)
September 2014
Historical Romance

The first book in this Viking Series takes a look at how the Vikings settled in the Sienne Valley in France around the 10th Century. Bryk Gardbruker is a farmer in Norway, growing apple trees. His wife died in childbirth and he's tired of the killing and death he's seen. When his Chieftain Hrolf declares that they are leaving for richer lands in Francia, they pack up and get into their longboats. As they make their way along the shorelines, Bryk happens upon a settlement where a convent sits, easy for the taking. He decides to plunder the settlement as peacefully as he can and there he meets a beautiful young woman, Cathryn. Though they barely speak the same language, it becomes quite clear that they are drawn to each other.

As a foundling child, Cathryn has lived her whole life in the convent, but she has yet to take any vows. She's asked to travel to another remote convent to work on some manuscripts. When the Vikings arrive to plunder spoils, she is rescued by a particularly strong and handsome man after being attacked by one of the local clerics. Instantly attracted, she begs him to take her with him and he agrees. Arriving at the Viking horde, she learns their customs of servants and thralls. She falls under the protection of Bryk as his thrall. She also meets a woman named Poppa, a Francia noblewoman who is now that concubine of the Chieftain, Hrolf.

Even though Bryk and Cathryn aren't married in the Church's eyes, Bryk takes her as his own. He's fallen in love with her and she with him. But when the King of France hears of the Vikings' arrival, he sends his armies to take care of the matter. Bryk and Hrolf fight for their lives in battle but in the end, it will be up to the fates to decide if they will be allowed to stay and live.

For fans of historical fiction with real-life events turned into romantic tales of love, this book will be perfect. Set against the exciting backdrop of France when it was still being settled by Norseman, this love story between Bryk and Cathryn will hit all the right notes of love, romance, history, and adventure. This author clearly demonstrates her skill of weaving history with a romantic spin. I loved Bryk's strength and compassion, as well as Cathryn's tenaciousness of finding and fighting for her own choices. Look for more adventures in this series.

Reviewed by Jennifer Jones
Rating: 4

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