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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Vivi Anna Self Published - eBook
April 2013
Paranormal Romance

Makayla Bradley works for Hot Gossip, a Calgary entertainment magazine. The Toronto International Film Festival is her first major assignment and when she spots an amazingly handsome man across a crowded room, she can't help herself, she tries to get his attention and instead humiliates herself in front of him.

Twice now Makayla has felt slighted by Jonathan Devane, a man that while successful and ruthless, likes to keep his life private. Makayla means business this time, she will not let any man take advantage of her again, so she is determined to get the dirt on Jonathan, making sure the public knows just what kind of man he really is.

THE VAMPIRE AFFAIR, Part 1 is a paranormal romance novella. I found Jonathan and Makayla to be great characters but are they perfect for each other? That remains to be seen. Secondary characters are hilarious, I found myself laughing, and cheering the characters on. I don't know what was sexier, the super hot scenes between Jonathan and Makayla, or the quick flashes of fangs. Ms. Anna has a winner on her hands. I can't wait for part 2.

Reviewed by Gloria Gehres
Rated: 4 1/2

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