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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Jillian Hunter's Latest Boscastle Affairs novel, THE MISTRESS MEMOIRS

A Boscastle Affairs Novel
Jillian Hunter
Signet Select
ISBN 978-0-451-41532-5
Historical Romance 

Governess Kate Walcott is accosted in the garden by a man mistaking her for her employer, Georgette Lawson, a famous courtesan recently taking up with a new protector. It is Sir Colin Boscastle and he is well-known to Kate from the memoirs she is writing for the charming if illiterate Georgette. The courtesan names Colin as her first love and lover whose sexual prowess was never matched by any of her future lovers. Thirteen years after abandoning Georgette to go in search of his father's murderer, he has returned to warn her of the perfidy of her new protector as well as determining if their relationship is salvageable--as well as spy upon Georgette's new protector, the man involved in his father's murder. But it is not Georgette who ignites passion within him, but surprisingly, the virginal but capable Kate. While Georgette's new lover is away from the manor, Colin steps up as protector to the family when the villagers decide to rid themselves of their new, infamous and immoral resident. As Colin involves himself with the irresistible family, he finds Kate even more irresistible, and vows to make her his. But, Kate wonders, will he abandon her as he did his first lover, or will he want her forever?

With THE MISTRESS MEMOIRS, Jillian Hunter pens another winner with this thirteenth entry in the Boscastle Affairs series. Humor, witty dialogue, suspense, sizzling sensuality and well-crafted characters add together to make THE MISTRESS MEMOIRS a fun, sparkling, and most entertaining read.

Reviewed by Debora Hosey

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