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Monday, April 01, 2013

Emma Wildes's latest: A MOST IMPROPER RUMOR

A Whispers of Scandal Novel
Emma Wildes
Signet Eclipse
ISBN 0-451-23958-7
March 2013
Historical Romance

Lady Angelina DeBrooke, dubbed the Dark Angel by the ton, visits Benjamin Wallace, Lord Heathton. During the late War, Benjamin engaged in espionage for the Crown, and has a reputation for solving problems. The twenty-four year old Angelina has been widowed twice--both arranged marriages to men she did not love--the first husband having died of a stomach 'ailment.' When husband #2 died of the same condition, she was put on trial for murder, but acquitted from lack of evidence.  Shunned by Society, with only one true friend, she has made her own life and has been content living out of the limelight until recently--she has fallen deeply in love. Knowing that she did not kill her husbands, she wants Lord Heathton to find the culprit so she can marry her heart's desire without fear that some evil will befall him. Heathton reluctantly takes up the matter, sensing his old nemesis at work, the villain who sought to destroy his wife's cousin's reputation by having her kidnapped and imprisoned with a rake. (See book one, RUINED BY MOONLIGHT) Now it appears that the villain has also resorted to murder...with his wife Alicia assisting him, Heathton is determined to give Lady DeBrooke her happily ever after while trying to keep Alicia safe as well.

A MOST IMPROPER RUMOR is a worthy second entry in Emma Wildes's intriguing, sensual and well-written Whispers of Scandal series. The Villain discovered in RUINED BY MOONLIGHT continues to to spread his/her evil in this second book in the series...Angelina is an intriguing character shunned by Society and in desperate need of Benjamin's help. Though Lady Debrooke and her handsome and intelligent Christopher are quite beguiling, it is Benjamin and Alicia who steal the show and win the Most Intriguing and Fascinating Married Couple Award. Their marital relationship continues to develop most satisfactorily...

Reviewed by Debora Hosey

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