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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What I've Been Reading

I'm still in the process of moving...but I have to take time to read or I get cranky...

If you're looking for a great paranormal series, I can recommend Jaci Burton's Demon Hunting trilogy. SURVIVING DEMON ISLAND and HUNTING THE DEMON are the first two books in the trilogy and they're out now. Burton's heroines are beautiful and sexy yet are strong and are kick-ass women as demon hunters. There's some gore, but it's not too graphic and it's always those nasty demons who become gore-bait. And let me tell you, these books are HOT and it's not from them being set in the tropics! :) Book three in the trilogy is due out in the summer of '08.

If you're a Harlequin Presents fan, I recommend veteran author Sandra Marton's Billionaires' Brides trilogy. THE ITALIAN PRINCE'S PREGNANT BRIDE was an August release, THE GREEK PRINCE'S CHOSEN WIFE is out now in September, and THE SPANISH PRINCE'S VIRGIN BRIDE is available in October. This trilogy sizzles, and the three alpha heroes are to die for!

Demon hunters and billionaires...gotta love 'em!


1 comment:

Thia said...

Oh, Deb! Demons and Millionaires are two of my favorite subjects!!!

I had read SURVIVING DEMON ISLAND and somehow let the next one slip through my fingers! Can't have that happen! It is going on my list PRONTO! Those heros were to die for, were they not?!?

Thanks for sharing!!