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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What has gone wrong with my genre????

So, I read the "trashy" ones. I want to get that out front. The more heaving bossoms the better, the sharper the sword, the higher the squirm factor, I NEED THE SMUT!!! I also like a clear line between what is smut and what is not. It has gotten so hard to tell the difference these days. Now, to be honest, I love a good romance with an alpha male and plenty of sexual tension along with the "deed" getting done. I don't want continuous sex and I don't want gratutious getting it on. I want it to mean something to me , oh! and the characters, of course! I like my contemps to have the tension and all that. I want my "romantica" to have that, as well, just a little bit more dirty! Gimme the details!

Ok, so smut might be too strong of a word. I like the sensual aspect and the sex, I just don't want it without feelings from the participants. It seems that more and more, the publishers that I loved for their blending of the romance and the erotica have forgotten what they originally created. I just read a book( and no! I will not tell which one) that was a proported romantic erotica story and there were little to no emotions. They were hinted at, but never explored! How unsatisfying!

If any authors or publishers are out there reading, please take note of my plea. We really do like to read about the "good" stuff, but we want it wrapped in a pretty package with a bow. It can be rife with grief and drama, there can be trials and tribulations, but give it to us with love, passion, emotions! Stimulate me, in my heart, in my head and well, the other places!

Thanks for listening to my rant!


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