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Monday, August 08, 2016

Stepping to a New Day by Beverly Jenkins

Stepping To A New Day
Beverly Jenkins
William Morrow Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-00062412-638
Women's Fiction
July 2016

After reading this installment of the Blessing series here is my hope. I hope that Beverly Jenkins never tires of writing about these characters that I have come to know and love. From the messy Riley with a hog named Cletus, who in this story we find trying to make his way back to Henry Adams by any means necessary, to the owner Ms. Bernadine Brown who purchased Henry Adams off eBay and all in between.

Riley left his ex-wife Genevieve Gibbs in a mess when the hog wrecked her home they shared while married but she has moved past that and is dating her high-school sweetheart Clay, who does not care for the new and improved woman she has become since the divorce from Riley. Will he get over it or will the new man in town Terence C. Barbour aka T.C. steal her heart.

While Genevieve is moving on, Riley is trying to get back to Henry Adams because he is out of money, can't pay the storage for Cletus or his rent he feels he has no choice but to get back "home" and get back in with Genevieve.

T. C. has moved to Henry Adams to help out his nephew. Hired as the town chauffeur by Bernadine Brown, she has T.C. pick up Genevieve from the airport and when they see each other there is immediate attraction. Henry Adams is a small town and while they go on about their lives they will run into each other and anything can happen.

Stepping into a New Day is what I've come to expect from Beverly Jenkins a well crafted story about people who struggle with life issues we all face. The series has drama, humor, romance and more and I find the thing I like the most is the power of community which is the central focus.

In this story a particular issue Ms Jenkins tackles is adult literacy and I love that she has one of the characters deal with it. I looked it up and in the US there are over 32 million adults that cannot read. So kudos to Ms. Jenkins for shining a light on this important issue.

There is a lot that goes on in Henry Adams so be sure to go back and start with book one, "Bringing on the Blessings". Though each book can be read as a "stand alone" story, I suggest highly you read them all.

Welcome to Henry Adams and buy this book !!

Reviewed by: Linda Chavis
Rating 5

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