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Monday, August 08, 2016

Make Me Love you by Johanna Lindsey

Johanna Lindsey
Gallery Books
ISBN# 9781501105425
July 2016
Historical Romance

I used to be a big Johanna Lindsey fan years ago, with some of her early novels being my first historical romances. So I was excited to get her latest historical for review.

Brooke Whitworth is the daughter of an unloving father and aloof mother. She can't wait until her first Season so that she can marry and leave her family for good. Her cruel brother has been fighting duels with Lord Dominic Wolfe and as a result, the Prince Regent has ordered that the feud between them be settled - by marrying her to The Wolf! As foreboding and dire as that sounds, she actually is hoping that she can finally escape her brother and father and make a life with her new husband. As soon as she's packed up and sent to his estate, Brooke feels relief. When she arrives, she soon discovers that the Wolf is more bark than bite and she's determined to help heal him so that they can be married quickly.

Dominic has no plans on marrying his enemy's sister. He plans to scare her off by whatever means necessary, but he's stunned to realize that she doesn't scare easily. She's nothing like her brother either, which makes him angry because he's becoming attracted to her and the last thing he wants is to actually marry her. Brooke knows that her family expects her to follow their orders and undermine the Wolf for them, but she has no loyalty to them. She only wants to be loved and feel wanted and she's sure that Dominic is the perfect person for her. Will the marriage actually take place? Will Dominic realize that in order to let go of the past he must learn to trust the future?

The premise was something I was eager to read about, yet the characters fell short of becoming exciting. Brooke was the only one I truly felt for and kept hoping Dominic would be more than he ended up being. The father and brother were truly horrible people and no wonder Brooke was eager to wed the enemy! I kept picturing how Dominic might fall in love with Brooke and fight for her against her brother or something! The ending was rather a disappointment because there was no big showdown or anything that made this story compelling or even memorable. Could've been a great story. While it wasn't bad, it just just ended up being okay.

Reviewed by Jennifer Jones
Rating: 3

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