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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Caught by You by Jennifer Bernard

Love Between the Bases Series - Book 2
Jennifer Bernard
ISBN# 978-0-06-237219-2
January 2016
Contemporary Romance

Just in time for baseball season, book two in this series features the sexy catcher of the Kilby Catfish, Mike Solo. With sparks already started in the first book, ALL OF ME, Donna MacIntyre and Mike Solo are headed for an epic romance, plus a few complications. Mike has a vow of celibacy that he begins every year at the start of the season. So at the end of the season, he's thrilled when the feisty red-head finally agrees to hook up with him. Yet he's disappointed and taken aback when she shuts him down without an explanation.

Fast forward to the beginning of the next season - Mike and Donna run into each other again, only this time she looks worse for wear. Delving into the problem, he discovers that her ex is trying to gain custody of her son. Mike has his own issues he's dealing with, too. A marriage proposal seems to be the answer to her prayers, but it may not be the wisest answer considering that their hearts may end up paying the cost.

I enjoyed the first book and definitely feel this one is right there with it or maybe even a little better. Mike and Donna are two sizzling characters that have plenty of attraction, but also good hearts. Mike's vow of celibacy makes for some great scenes and the drama with the custody battle keep the pages turning. Settle in for a major league romance!

Reviewed by Jennifer Jones
Rating: 4

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