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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Eva Leigh's newest is a slow building romance

Wicked Quills of London Series Book 2
Eva Leigh
ISBN# 978-0-06-235864-6
November 2015
Historical Romance

As a successful playwright, Maggie Delamere is on the brink of financial ruin. Her wildly successful previous play has footed the bill for a while, but now that her benefactors are pressuring her for the sequel, she finds that her creative genius has gone quiet. Without the income, she will be left with little resources, the actors and people involved in the theatre will also suffer. With a deadline two weeks away, she has little time for the bothersome and dangerously attractive Viscount Marwood.

Cameron, the Viscount Marwood, has been admiring the work of the talented Mrs. Delamere for a long time. Once he finally meets her, his curiosity turns into fascination as she rebuffs him at every turn. She clearly has no use for him, but he senses something is amiss with the talented widow. Gaining her friendship little by little, he is able to offer her his country estate to get down to writing her sequel. However, once they finally get past the barriers and hidden heartbreak, Cam finds that friendship turning into love. A future for a pair like them would be near impossible, or would it?

I found this second installment to be a bit slow in the romance department, however very interesting in the behind the scenes of a theatre group. Maggie has issues with the upper class, stemming from a long ago heartbreak. She doesn't trust Cam in the slightest and we get to see how slowly they are able to overcome the issues presented them with their relationship as well as her writing. The passion is very slow in coming and that is my only complaint. I like to see something in the first half of the book besides character building, at least a kiss or two. So if you prefer a character story, with a hint of romance, then look no further.

Reviewed by Jennifer Jones
Rating: 3

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