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Monday, December 21, 2015

Another Great Winter Romance!

Whiskey Creek
Brenda Novak
ISBN:  978-1410487230
November 2015
Contemporary Romance

This is Kyle’s story in the ever popular Whiskey Creek book series.  Kyle has appeared in other novels and was always a bit of a mystery given that he looked like a complex character who, while on the periphery of other stories, deserved his own book.

In this novel the only woman he has ever loved is married to his stepbrother, this woman’s sister, Noelle, is his crazy ex-wife, and while Kyle is successfully running a business, he is stuck in a sea of marriages and babies without a significant other.  He ends up renting his house to Lourdes, a country music star trying to find herself in her music, in a geographical setting where she can remain relatively anonymous.  She is immediately drawn to the quiet strength of Kyle, a man very different from the superficiality of her entertainment world.

Lourdes would like to have one more successfull song or album and finds competing with younger talent exhausting.  Her own difficulties with her male fiancé make Kyle look very normal.

I loved this book and read it in one sitting.  These are nicely complicated characters who manage to assuage their lonely lives with a sweet relationship.  I was really rooting for Kyle who I think deserved a happily ever after.  A terrific holiday read!

Reviewed by  Jeri Neal
Rating:  4

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