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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

JUNE 2015

                                           SUMMER READING 2015 WITH TRRC

Today's current temperature is 89 degrees with the final temp to reach 92. The humidity is high and the heated breeze just adds to that summer feeling. There is no complaints on this end however, we've waited five months to fan and use the air conditioner, welcome summer!

The wonderful thing about summer is there is no guilt when one has to take it easy, sit in the shade and pass the time with a good book.  The authors and publishers are certainly pandering to our reading desires with releases by Maya Banks, Johanna Lindsey, Mariah Stewart, Caroline Linden and a new baseball series by Jennifer Bernard featuring the men of the Kilby Catfish baseball team. That's just to start! We have additional mysteries, romantic suspense and women's fiction galore by various authors.  We are a little behind so you will continue to see May reviews posted as well as June and July.  We ask you to keep in mind, that while we will not take our usual summer hiatus this year, we still need to allow for the summer experience of outings and family vacations.  So, as the reviews are submitted, we'll post them right away. Feel free to provide comments or reading information at any time and share with us your Summer Reading activities.

Enjoy your summer and Happy Reading!


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