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Monday, June 08, 2015

A New One by Kate Meader

A Hot in Chicago Novel
Kate Meader
Pocket Books
ISBN:   978-1-4767-8590-5
April 2015
Contemporary Romance

Kinsey Taylor a media expert, has moved from the west coast to Chicago for her physician fianc√©.   When he dumps her for another woman, she has already committed to another job and decides to stay.   So she is in a new city with few friends, no nearby family, and her public relations position is requiring her to rehabilitate the reputation of Chicago Engine Company 6, a firehouse populated by a group of diverse siblings, adopted as children, and fiercely loyal to each other and the Chicago Fire Department.

One of these is firefighter Luke Almeida and his most recent fight with a detective in the police department has created a public relations nightmare that requires intervention.   When she meets him and tries to work with him Kinsey is dismayed by her intense physical attraction to the dangerous and complex Luke.   Luke is not happy with her plans to rehabilitate the public’s opinion of his firehouse.   These include creating a Men on Fire calendar and staging an apology to the detective.   Luke, by the way, had a very good reason for fighting with him but that’s another book!

I have to say that it took me awhile to get through this book.   I could not read a lot of it in a single setting.   It is very emotionally complex and filled with the attraction between Kinsey and Luke.   They do a lengthy dance with each other before finally coming together.   Contributing characters include Luke’s sister and his brothers, different staff in the firehouse, and the mayor, who is Kinsey’s boss.

I’m sure there will be other books in this series and I have to say that one of the best parts was the picture of the hot firefighter on the cover!   The book delivers an erotic feast populated by interesting firefighters with angst and passion.   What more could we want in a good romance story?

Reviewed by Jeri Neal
Rating:   3

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