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Thursday, April 09, 2015

The Immortal Who Loved Me
Argeneau Vampire Series, Book # 21
Lynsay Sands
ISBN # 0062316001
March 2015
Paranormal Romance

Sherry Carne is smart, beautiful and owns her own kitchenware store.  While working in her office, the door burst opens and a petite blond teenage girl named Stephanie rushes in.  Behind Stephanie four men come storming in giving Sherry the feeling that something bad is about to happen. Sherry is about to learn the hard way that vampires exist and are responsible for wrecking havoc in her store. She also finds out she's been tapped as a" life-mate' for one of the vampires that operates on the right side of the law. Apparently she and Stephanie are now in danger and wondering why this is happening. Life as she knows it is changing by the minute and she is about to become a vampire hunter.

Basileios Argeneau has been a warrior for more than a millennia, but for the last twenty years he has been a lawyer.  Basil had a life-mate long long ago but she died. The last thing he expected was to meet Sherry Carne and finding out she is to be a life-mate to him.  She is not what he expects, she's funny, outspoken, and definitely not shy, perfect for him.  However, something is off.  There appears to have been an immortal in her life. Convincing Sherry to let him convert her in order to keep her safe from the rogue vampires that are after her may be harder than he thought. He now has to piece together the mystery of his life-mate's past in addition to vampire hunting.
THE IMMORTAL WHO LOVED ME, came as no surprise to this reviewer, it is a hit!  Ms. Sands just keeping getting better, and better.  Sherry and Basil had me laughing and cheering them on.   Readers will be reacquainted with some old friends, which is always a plus.  The story line was funny, interesting, and it kept me so entertained, it ended before I was ready.  There are still characters like Stephanie and Justin that need their life-mates.  I also found it interesting, that Stephanie might have the match making instinct.  This is one book you don't want to miss it's an excellent addition to the Argeneau Vampire series.
Reviewed by  Gloria Gehres
Rated   4  1/2

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