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Monday, April 20, 2015

Allison Brennan's COMPULSION is a must read!

Allison Brennan
Minotaur Books
ISBN-13: 978-1250035028
April 2015

Maxine Revere is a well-known New York City investigative reporter with her own television show, “Maximum Exposure”. She's just won an interview with Adam Bachman, the prime suspect in the suffocation deaths of five people. It is also theorized he could be the killer of two more missing persons, the Palazzolo’s, a couple from Ohio. Max had already interviewed Adam’s former neighbors, his professors, college roommates and his childhood best friend. She wanted the “true” Adam Bachman for her audience, plus she had a hunch this case could be the subject of her next crime novel.

The interview only serves to confirm Max’s suspicion; that there is another killer who was helping Bachman. Now she is driven to find the missing two bodies and killer. Max calls in a favor from Sally O’Hara, a cop in Queens, who is in charge of the Palazzolo’s missing person case. Before she realizes it, she finds herself questioning people who have the ability not to just cause trouble for Max; but who have the capacity to kill her. Driven to find the crucial piece of evidence to solve the case, she will find out her own life parallels that of the violent killer.

Be prepared for another bestseller by Ms. Brennan! Suspense-filled and injected with the right amount of unexpected twists, you will not be disappointed!

Reviewed by Charlene McConnell

Rating: 4

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