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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christine Feehan
Pocket Star
ISBN # 9781476784564
November 2014
Paranormal Romance

Cole Steele was born and bred in roughness and he has a difficult time being gentle with people. After the death of his father, he learns he has a half-brother and has been named his guardian. His brother is experiencing nightmares, the same nightmares that have plagued Cole every time he closes his eyes. Cole's father was a cruel and abusive man, who took pleasure in hurting his sons and his wives. According to town rumors, Cole killed his father and plans to kill his stepbrother Jase so he wouldn't have to share the inheritance money. When a series of accidents plague their ranch, it makes the brothers doubt each other. The two need to have faith in each other and Cole wants to provide Jase with all the love he can. He just has to figure out how and perhaps Maia Armstrong can help him find a way.

Maia Armstrong is a veterinarian and a woman of many talents, including a unique ability to understand animals. Maia has never taken a permanent veterinary position in town. She often fills in for other vets in order to save enough money so she can buy out the elderly vet and take over his business. Some say she possesses magic and strange things seems to happen when she is around. It is said she can cast spells on animals and men. Maia has noticed Cole, he seems to be obsessed with her and if truth were told, she is just as intrigued with him. When there is an emergency at the Steele ranch, Maia agrees to go. She feels a strong need to help Cole and Jase deal with their past and wants to help them look forward to being a family in the future. She can't help falling in love with Cole, but will he return her love?

ROCKY MOUNTAIN MIRACLE is an outstanding paranormal romance. Ms. Feehan delivers on so many levels especially in revealing a dysfunctional family trying to learn to have faith in each other. There is love, faith, forgiveness and the miracle of the Christmas Season. There is also intrigue, suspense, and interesting animals that all add to the story line. Although this book is re-released, this is my favorite Christmas story.

Reviewed by Gloria Gehres
Rated 4 1/2

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