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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Virgin River Book 20
Robyn Carr
Harlqeuin MIRA
ISBN:  978-0778313854
November 2012
Contemporary Romance

In one of my all time favorite Christmas novels, published a two years ago, 
Robyn Carr gives us the story of Patrick Riordan.  Patrick is on an extended 
leave from his duties as a Navy pilot.  His best friend has been shot down and 
he is trying to recover.  He comes to Virgin River to get some peace and quiet, 
staying in a brother’s small cabin.  He begins getting dinner in Jack’s bar and 
one day, while there, he spots Angie LeCroix.

Angie, a brilliant over-achiever, is in Virgin River getting some space from her 
very bossy and opinionated mother, who is also Jack’s older sister.  Angie is on 
leave from her medical school studies after being in a very serious auto 
accident that almost killed her.  Now she is rethinking her life plan, much to 
her mother’s distress.  

This novel has some interesting side plots, including Angie’s efforts to obtain 
plastic surgery for a disfigured girl in the town, the town Christmas tree with 
a military theme, and Patrick’s commitment to his best friend’s widow and son.  
Honestly, I have read every one of these Virgin River books and I was thrilled 
to read about all these characters from past books, integrated into Patrick and 
Angie’s very fine romance.  

Can two people fall madly in love in a short period of time and have it be real?  
Is it possible for two very geographically different lives to merge and succeed?  
Readers will certainly hope that the answers are yes to these questions!  I 
loved this book, the romance, the passion, the character development of these 
two charming people.  I also love that Patrick’s insecurities and worries are 
just as prominent as Angie’s.  Awesome book and can be read over and over!

Reviewed by  Jeri Neal
Rating:  4 1/2

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