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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Latest Review: CLAIMED

Hunter’s Moon Series, Book 1
P.J. O’Dwyer
Black Siren Books
ISBN 978-0-9848997-4-6 (trade cover)
ISBN 978-0-9848997-5-3 (ebook)
June 2014
Young Adult (YA)

Mackenzie “Mac” Stonebreaker had no idea that volunteering at the Hunter’s Moon Ranch will be the key to unlocking all her unanswered questions and redefine her future.  Life for Mac and several other children has been difficult and their state appointed warden, er, guardian made living at the juvenile detention center even more difficult.  Determined to go and find the answers she has been seeking Mac does something she is not thrilled about, but finds it necessary to carry out her plans. Then chaos ensues as gunshots are heard.  What comes next sets the stage for a storyline that is emotional, eye opening, and heart-warming.

CLAIMED is P.J. O’Dwyer’s debut YA novel and just with her other titles, she delivers a wonderfully written story that goes beyond the words.  While this is categorized as a YA book, the storyline is much more.  Readers will enjoy the friendships that are developing between Mac, Caroline, Cade, and Troy.  Mac and Caroline meet Cade and Troy during their late night escape.  They thought they had seen the last of the guys but fate has a way showing up at when you least expect it.   The four will fast become friends and I am intrigued as to how these relationships are develop, in the next book, DITCHED.  Also, I should mention that the adults in this book are just as pivotal.  You will be introduced to Dr. Rachel Hunter, Gil Bruckner, and Whit Mason. 

The characters are believable and engaging from the first page to the very last!  You will have several teary-eyed moments so keep some tissue handy! 

Reviewed by Monica Solomon

Rating 4

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