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Monday, July 28, 2014

**5 Star Rating** Lindsay McKenna's NEVER SURRENDER

Lindsay McKenna
Harlequin HQN
ISBN:  978-0373778829
July 2014
Contemporary Romance

In this seventh book in the Shadow Warriors series, McKenna continues the story begun this past year in BREAKING POINT.  Medic Bay Thorn has gotten engaged to her Navy SEAL, Chief Gabe Griffin.  When Bay has to return to Afghanistan to fulfill her military commitment, Gabe is nervous and worried back in San Diego. Readers learned in the first book that Bay was a quietly tough, skilled and gentle healer, respected by her colleagues. 

When her deployment results in her capture by the Taliban, her hostage status puts her in harms way over and over.  Tortured and assaulted by the brutal leader she holds on to the hope that Gabe and his SEAL unit might rescue her.  While wounded and broken she manages to escape and is found by Gabe and his men. 

The painfully realistic majority of this remarkable novel involves Bay’s response to her trauma, her attempts to heal, her flashbacks and PTSD.  Throughout her recovery in the hills of Kentucky, Gabe is a constant presence in her life.  McKenna is especially skillful at giving readers Bay’s story of surviving the horrors of captivity during a war but the story is made even more poignant by the portrayal of Gabe’s struggle and pain at watching the woman he loves move through recovery. 

With this book Lindsay McKenna further distinguishes herself as the leading contemporary author of military romances.  It is beautifully written with sensitivity and heartbreaking honesty.  Some readers might find this book painful and disturbing to read but honestly, I saw it as a testimonial to all the soldiers, male and female, who go through war and manage to survive and move on with life.  It is also about their families, truly an exceptional book that I thought about long after I finished reading it.  Bravo Ms. McKenna!

Reviewed by Jeri Neal

Rating:  5

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