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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wait For You series, Book #1
J. Lynn
William Morrow
ISBN # 0062294776
September 2013
Contemporary Romance

Avery Morgansten hates being late for class, while racing up the staircase she barrels through the double doors only to run into a brick wall.  Well the wall, wasn't a wall after all but a hunky guy with a deep voice and a great smile who he introduces himself as Cam.  Later arriving at her apartment, Avery realizes her neighbors across the hall are having a party.  She is even more surprised to find out that Cam is her neighbor.  Later while checking through her email, Avery finds a suspicious email with her name on it containing three threatening lines.  Avery is concerned about how " they" found her, the only people who knew her cell phone number and email are her parents and cousin.

 When Avery was fourteen she attended a party where she was abused by an older boy.  Trying to cope, she knew suicide was never the answer, it was a lesson Avery learned all on her own.  Avery is trying to move on with her life having moved away from her hometown, into her own apartment and making new friends.  Avery is ok with Cam being just a friend, after all he is charming harmless flirt, someone who likes to hand out cookies to pretty girls.  Avery is very attracted to Cam and he makes sure he seeks her out but she is afraid once he knows her dark secret he won't have anything to do with her.  Will she be able to open her heart, and put her trust in him?

WAIT FOR YOU is a contemporary romance.  There are so many  things that I loved about this book, first off the romance wasn't hurried, it was a gradual build up between Avery and Cam.  Second Cam was patient, sweet, and so very loving. The author has created a very tender love story.  The heroine must over come a rape and learn to trust not only herself, but those around her.  Most of all, she has to learn to live and love again.  This is a story you won't want to miss!
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Reviewed by  Gloria Gehres

Rated  4

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