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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The Submissive Trilogy, Book #3
Tara Sue Me
New American Library
ISBN # 0451466241
October 2013
Ultimate Romance

Before I start on my review of THE TRAINING, I would like to summarize the books THE SUBMISSIVE and THE DOMINANT. THE SUBMISSIVE is a look into the world of BDSM. We meet Abby King, a young woman who has fantasys of being a submissive and has led her put in her application to millionaire, CEO, Nathaniel West. The story is a look from Abby's point of view. In THE DOMINANT, readers will get the same story, only now you get Nathaniel's thoughts and feelings, his struggles of not wanting to lose control, and what drives him.

THE TRAINING - Abby is excited to go to Nathaniel's house,  he has even given her keys to his home.  They are finally working out their issues but she doesn't feel complete until Nathaniel returns her collar to her.  They have agreed to a more traditional relationship Sunday thru Thursday, but Friday and Saturday are reserved for their dominant/submissive sides that they both need.  Abby knows the best gift she could give to Nathaniel is absolute trust and obedience but doubts continuously creep into her mind. She considers that Nathaniel has a housekeeper who does the cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping.  He can even cook for himself, so why is she really here? Is the relationship only about sex? 

Nathaniel has anticipated they would have odd moments they would still need to work out.  He feels confident that as long as they can keep talking their relationship will stay strong.  He wants to make sure he takes things slow but he still wants to give Abby everything she needs as her dominant and while Nathaniel struggles to re-establish their connection, he is at a loss exactly how to do it. 

THE TRAINING is a Erotic Romance and the third installment of the submissive trilogy. Readers will see how much Abby and Nathaniel have grown. Trust, understanding, and love all play a part in making sure lines are not crossed and things don't get out of hand.  When I started this book I thought it was going to be the training of Abby.  But I quickly realized, THE TRAINING was for Nathaniel's benefit as well.  As Abby finally lets go of doubt, Nathaniel knows he has finally found someone he can share his life and goals with.  THE TRAINING gives us an interesting look into BDSM world but this story is not for the faint of heart.
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Reviewed by  Gloria Gehres
Rated  3

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