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Monday, September 02, 2013

Margo Maguire
Avon Publishing
ISBN# 978-0-06-212290-2
August 2013
Historical Romance

After losing his heart when his love Fiona married another, Lachlann MacMillan vowed never to love again. So a political marriage was just the way to ensure MacMillan lands and his heart would be secure and he agrees to marry Catriona MacDuffie in Kilgorra. However, upon arriving it is the beautiful maid Anna MacIver who captures his attention. It soon becomes quite clear that Catriona is a spoiled, selfish and devious woman and hates her step-sister Anna. However, it soon becomes clear to Lachlann that it is Anna who is the real catch, as they work together to help the people of Kilgorra. With another suitor after Catriona's hand, Cullen Macauley, who just happened to marry Fiona years ago, Lachlann find himself in a dire predicament. Against his own wishes, his heart is lost to Anna, but he needs this alliance.

Anna was left with the MacDuffie's when her mother died, leaving her with her step-father and step-sister. Since then, she has known little more than being a servant to Catriona, and vows to get off the island of Kilgorra. When the handsome warrior Lachlann arrives, their attraction is immediate. She knows she can never have him, but if he is Laird, he might just see that she can leave. But will she be able to leave him behind now that her heart is with him?

THE HIGHLANDER'S DESIRE is an exciting adventure of forbidden love, arch enemies and political schemes. Lachlann and Anna are great characters that are well-written and give the reader a sense of longing. Catriona and Cullen are the evil-doers in this political game of strategy. It's clear that Lachlann and Cullen have a great barrier between them, namely the shadowy figure of Fiona. We never really know what happened to her, but it's clear she died, leaving Lachlann another reason to hate Cullen. Anna is a strong, courageous woman, a perfect fit for Lachlann and he knows it. How he manages to save Kilgorra without sacrificing his heart is a story you'll just have to read!

Reviewed by: Jennifer Jones
Rating: 4

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