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Wednesday, September 04, 2013


Mia March
Gallery Books
ISBN:  978-1476-710204
July 2013
Chick Lit

"Who the hell am I?" is Bea's Crane's question. A year after her mother's death, she receives a letter informing her that she was adopted. She decides to go to Boothbay Harbor, Maine where her biological mother lives.

Bea is befriended by Gemma Hendricks, a journalist who is writing a story about the 50th anniversary of Hope House, a home for unwed mothers. Hope House is where Bea was born. Bea anonymously sees her mother (Veronica Russo) at the diner where she works as a waitress.

The author ingeniously integrates Bea, Veronica and Gemma into a storyline that is irresistible.
However, readers may not be sympathetic to Gemma's character; the author depicts her as a callous, career-driven woman who is on the fast track to success.

Where does Colin Firth fit it? If this is the reason you buy this book, you will be disappointed. Colin Firth is filming a movie in Boothbay and actually has little presence in the book.

Reviewed by
Charlene McConnell

Rating: 4

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