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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Love At Stake Series-Book 13
Kerrelyn Sparks
December 2012
Elsa Bjornberg is the Amazonian host of a renovation show. At 6'2" she has never felt anything close to womanly until she met Howard, a giant of a man and hunky to boot, too bad he set off the curse. Her aunts always warned her of the silly curse, but now that Howard has activated it, she is starting to think that just maybe there may be more to it than she thought. When her aunts arrive with guns in hand, and she is knee deep in paranormal activity she begins to doubt her burgeoning feelings for Howard, after all, he is a shape-shifter. Howard has been in love with Elsa for a while and when she shows up to remodel the gatehouse he knows this is the chance he has been waiting for. If he can only get her to trust him and overcome the curse, he knows she is the perfect woman for him. But when Howard's past comes calling, the little bit of trust he and Elsa have built may shatter and danger lurks around every corner. I have enjoyed all of Sparks' books since this series began and I was glad to finally see Howard get a chance at romance. WILD ABOUT YOU is heart felt and fun romance with a little action to top it off and fans of the Love at Stake series are sure to enjoy Howard's story.
Reviewed by Lori Sears
Rating: 4
Lori Sears

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