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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

December Paranormal Picks

Alpha Pack-Book 3
J. D. Tyler
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-23883-2
December 2012
Kalen Black is one powerful sorcerer and since joining the Alpha Pack, he has been battling an evil Fae who is determined to take over his mind and bring him over to his side. He was doing fine until he handed over his protective amulet to Mackenzie. Mac is the one woman who has broken through his loner defenses and to protect her from Malik he will do anything, even put himself in danger. So Mac wears the amulet and Kalen fights daily for his sanity. Meanwhile Malik works on Kalen's weaknesses and slowly draws him in. But Mac is determined to save the man she has come to love because not only is he her mate, he is the father of the child she is carrying. As the stakes rise, Kalen may risk losing everything, even his mate, because Malik may just have too much power for him to overcome.
BLACK MOON is another great release from J. D. Tyler. The sensuality is hot with just enough angst to make it powerful. This Alpha Pack really knows how to love and the next release isn't out until September 2013, so there will be quite a wait.
Reviewed by Lori Sears
Rating: 4 1/2

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