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Sunday, December 09, 2012


Shifting Circle-Book 2
Sharon Shinn
Ace Books
ISBN: 978-0-425-25681-7
November 2012
Melanie has spent her life protecting her sister and living for the days that she comes home to visit. As time passes these visits become few and far between and Ann seems to be less when she does show up. Ann is a shape-shifter and has always been the center of Melanie's world. Even as an infant, Melanie spent more time caring for her than her own parents. Ann's mother had a tendency to roam as most shifters do and as Ann grew up eventually Melanie ended up as her only caretaker. When a reporter comes to town wanting to write a book about shape-shifters, Melanie is terrified, even though she is completely drawn to Brody Westerbrook. Ann shows up shortly thereafter and is looking sicker than usual and has another shifter in her midst. She claims he is the love of her life, but Melanie fears that her life is in danger, whether from the reporter or just an unknown illness she isn't sure. But Ann has no fear of Brody and immediately sets up a matchmaking scheme. As Ann and her boyfriend continue to come and go at will, Melanie tries her best to avoid Brody, but finds strength in his friendship as she fears she is losing her sister. Meanwhile other shifters play important rolls in the background in the story. I found STILL LIFE WITH SHAPE-SHIFTER to be very poignant and sad, but overall a lovely romance. If you are looking for something different than your everyday shifter romance, Shinn may very well fit the bill.
Reviewed by Lori Sears
Rating: 4

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