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Monday, December 31, 2012

Dakota Cassidy Scores Again With Her Latest Accidentally Paranormal Novel...

An Accidentally Paranormal Novel 
Dakota Cassidy
Berkley Sensation
ISBN 978-0-425-25324-3
December 2012
Paranormal Romance

Werewolf Sloan Flaherty's manning the OOPS hotline--that's the Out in the Open Paranormal Support hotline, not expecting for any major 'accidental paranormal' calls to come in when he gets a doosey--Jeannie Carlyle's stuck in an old gin bottle--that's right, a gin bottle--and wants to get out pronto! With no one available in the office to help, it's Sloan to the rescue. He manages to shake Jeannie--who's now a genie dressed in harem pants and tiny bra--out of the bottle and back to size yet in the process, somehow they're tied together and can't be very far from each other without a very painful psychic pull. The recently reformed love 'em and leave 'em Sloan notices Jeannie's outfit and her attributes, but knows better than to act upon it or the OOPS females consisting of  other paranormals will come gunning for him for taking advantage of a vulnerable client. So the gorgeous Sloan's melded to a lovely but skittish and emotionally wounded lady who's somehow a newly made genie who can telepathically grant wishes...and besides finding her adorably attractive, he likes her, too...unlike the scores of one-night stands he's famous for...it's up to the OOPS gang to find all the magical answers to the questions of how and why, and help Jeannie adapt to being a genie--if they're not all killed in the process thanks to the secrets Jeannie's holding close to her chest...then there's the attraction between Sloan and Jeannie...are they destined for an eternity together?

I thoroughly enjoyed this latest entry in the Accidentally Paranormal series. Dakota Cassidy's at her wild and wonderful best with all the flying zingers and barbs and LOL dialogue between Nina, Wanda, Marty, Sloan--and Jeannie fits right in with them all. There's a particularly nasty villain as well as an heart-warming episode involving Nina that'll make readers laugh, cry, and wonder what the heck?! Especially endearing are secondary characters Mat, the mixed up flying carpet, and djinns, Nekaar and Najim,  THE ACCIDENTAL GENIE is a fast and furious and fun read!

Reviewed by Debora Hosey
4 1/2

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